Music Recital1 minute read

On Wednesday, 22nd February we had a visit from the Kirklees Music Service, who played us lots of fabulous music.

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Lucas Fairclough in Year 3 wrote:

The orchestra was at our school in the hall. They did loads of songs and talking as well. They were so good.

Logan Gledhill, also from Year 3, wrote:

The orchestra was great. There was a drummer, violin, piano, guitar, trumpets, clarinets and saxophones. The orchestra was very loud but it was fabulous.

Year 3’s Peter Crowther wrote:

The stringed instruments were extremely good. The drum kit was very loud but wonderful. The woodwind instruments were fantastic. The tunes they played were great, especially the England tune. The guitar was my favourite instrument. The Simpsons Theme was absolutely great and exciting.

Thomas McWilliams from Year 3 wrote:

I loved the music including The Simpsons Movie. I absolutely loved the drummer. They played wonderful tunes. They had string family, wind family, percussion family. It was extremely good.

Amy, Alex, Edith and Thomas from Year 2 wrote:

On Wednesday they were fantastic at the music. The violin made a noise that sounded like an ambulance. The best bit was when they played The Simpsons music. I liked the songs that they did. It was very loud but fantastic!

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