Home School Association Award: Autumn Term1 minute read

Home School Association Award

Today saw the first time the Home School Association presented awards to a child in each year. The awards were given to a pupil who has achieved something special or gone that extra mile this term.

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Reception – Bobby Crowther

Mrs Keeling:

I chose Bobby because when he came into Reception he was very shy.  He has grown in confidence and now happily comes into school.  Bobby always tries his best and is the most helpful child in class!  He is always looking for jobs to do.  Well done Bobby.

Year 1 – Sebi Fairclough

Mrs Woodcock:

I chose Sebi Fairclough because he is always ready to help others.  He is a good friend to lots of children particularly Reece who he plays with every day.  Sebi always tries his best and has a sunny smile.  Well done, what a start!

Year 2 – Leona Windle Holmes

Miss Callow:

I chose Leona for being kind and helpful, improving her work. She also helps others and for always doing the right thing.

Year 3 – Luke Ellwood

Mrs Voce:

Luke is always kind, always smiling, always a good friend and always works hard.

Year 4 – Millie Fewster

Mrs Wilson:

Millie is a responsible and hard working girl who always tries her best.  She is always a positive role model in class and can be relied upon to the right thing.

Year 5 – Sarah Firth

Mr Pitts:

All of my class are kind, thoughtful and hard working setting a good example to others.  I chose Sarah though because she goes the extra mile with all these things and does so with a smile!

Mr Pitts currently teaches Computing to the whole school along with some other subjects during teacher's PPA time. He runs this website and makes sure it all works smoothly, most of the time!